Road Trip Essentials in Omaha, NE

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit towing a trailer on a two-lane road.

Road Trip Essentials

If you're eagerly anticipating taking a Nebraska road trip or beyond, you might be thinking about auto service and car maintenance tips. Fortunately, the certified Jeep repair technicians at our Ram dealership in Omaha, NE, are here to ensure your vehicle is good for the long haul. What's more, we've also put together a road trip auto checklist that has plenty of useful information for you. Is your journey coming up soon? We'll get your vehicle road trip ready with a Jeep oil change, wheel alignment, brake pad replacement and more, so you can be fully prepared for your big adventure. Looking to upgrade vehicles? We have new Ram trucks, Dodge SUVs, Jeep models and more just for you!

Can My Car Handle a Long Road Trip?

Customers often ask us "Is my car too old for a road trip?" While keeping up with auto service and maintenance can certainly help, it doesn’t guarantee that your vehicle is properly suited for a road trip. If you've been putting a lot of time, money and energy into your vehicle and you find that the repairs cost more than your car is worth, we advise that you start looking for a new car. Here at our Omaha Ram dealer, we carry a huge selection of used Dodge cars and new Jeep SUVs for sale. Plus, we have low Chrysler financing rates available, so you can get the keys to a stunning new vehicle for a great value.

Road Trip Maintenance Checklist

As a certified Ram and Dodge service center in Omaha, NE, we have the ability to provide your vehicle with the top-notch care it deserves. The next time you need to get a car serviced before a road trip, don’t hesitate to stop by our nearby auto repair shop. From Jeep oil and filter changes to Ram battery replacements and Dodge wheel alignments, no job is too big or too small for our team. View the road trip checklist we've put together to get Jeep Wrangler repairs or Ram 1500 maintenance like:

  • Full conventional or synthetic oil change
  • Replace engine or cabin air filter
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check tire tread
  • Battery test and/or replacement
  • Top off fluids
  • Replace burnt out lights
  • Fresh windshield wiper blades